• Paolo Chimney Sweep

    Paolo Chimney Sweep

    Bohemian and colourful, Paolo Charbonneau uses chimney sweeping to feel alive. His alter ego is a crow he adopted. In Sutton, Québec-Canada, we discover Paolo, the chimney sweep’s son, who had a terrible falling-out with his father at the end of his life. In this film, life and death intertwine with childhood memories, thus bringing chimney sweeping to a spiritual level. The lyricism of the chimney sweep shines on the rooftops, where he finds his inner balance. Omnipresent, jazz and […]

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  • No Man’s Land

    No Man’s Land

    Everyday, war conflicts throw civil populations in threatening life conditions, unlivable environments, devasteted lands, mine fields. No man’s land, prohibited zone. No man’s land, doubtful zone. No man’s land, land of no one. No man’s land is a film from an installation of 1 500 detonating fuses on a superficie of 15 x 14 meters exhibited at Maison de la culture Mercier in Montreal in February –March 2009. 6,21 minutes

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  • Pouding Chômeurs en

    Pouding Chômeurs en

    (Requiem for Unemployment) We talk a lot about European governments’ austerity. Here, in Quebec and in Canada, the same neoliberal wave has engulfed the unemployed with devastating consequences. Through the experiences of the unemployed in Montreal and several regions throughout Quebec, this documentary opens a window on the conflicted situations endured by the unemployed, who undergo enormous difficulties in obtaining their employment insurance benefits from the Canadian government following the reforms, which became effective on January 1, 2013. A philosophical […]

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