Biography Bruno Chouinard

A visual artist with Bachelor’s degree in Arts & Letters diplomas from Montréal University and from Université du Québec à Montréal. In 1990, he went to study at Georg Augüst Universität in Göttingen-Germany.Before beginning his career as filmmaker, Bruno Chouinard has had exhibitions of his work in galleries and museums in Québec, in Canada, in USA and in Germany. His first short film took a look at the thematic of No man’s land expression. An art film about one of his art installation’s No man’s land.    In 2012, with Paolo Chimney Sweep, he directed and produced a 53 min. portrait of a typical and unique chimney sweeper in country side southern Montréal in Québec and shed light for the first time as filmmaker at some international film festivals on four continents: in Iceland, Thessaloniki,  China and …..



No man’s land 6,20        2010
Paolo Ramoneur 53,30   2012
Pouding Chômeurs ( Requiem for Unemployment ) 70 min.  2015