• Pouding Chômeurs

    (Requiem for Unemployment)

    We talk a lot about European governments’ austerity. Here, in Quebec and in Canada, the same neoliberal wave has engulfed the unemployed with devastating consequences.

    Through the experiences of the unemployed in Montreal and several regions throughout Quebec, this documentary opens a window on the conflicted situations endured by the unemployed, who undergo enormous difficulties in obtaining their employment insurance benefits from the Canadian government following the reforms, which became effective on January 1, 2013.

    A philosophical perspective on and by workers and unemployed people.

    This film gives a voice to Maryse, Stéphane, Colombe, Mrs. Cécile and Mr. Bérubé, who are accused by Service Canada of being lazy, of defrauding and abusing the system. Sylvie Therrien, ex-inspector at Service Canada, reveals the subterfuges employed by the inspectors to ensnare the unemployed. Their point of view, the philosophical words of the unemployed – these voiceless citizens stuck in the infernal gears of the bureaucracy in a denial of justice in face of the government machine.

    The title, POUDING CHÔMEURS, references a heritage dessert recipe, a sweet dessert created by the impoverished in Québec during the Great Depression of the 1930s.


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